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Tiger Mom Strives to Shock a Second Time, Fails

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A reader of Amy Chua’s previous book, The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother – that parenting guide-slash-high-pitched confessional-slash-assertion of racial superiority — might wonder, as I did, about the following: Where was Chua’s husband, the father of their two daughters, while she was haranguing the children, threatening to give away their dollhouse and burn their […]

Lisa on NPR: Remembering Newtown


PBS host Tom Ashrook

NPR “On Point” host Tom Ashbrook features Lisa on a panel discussion to discuss the lessons of Newtown. Stream the show from the website: Other panel members: Rev. Josh Pawelek, minister of the Unitarian Universality Society East in Manchester, Connecticut. (@RevJoshPawelek) Robert Spitzer, professor of political science at the State University of New York […]

The Uncomfortable New Lessons of the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre

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Opinion in the absence of information is a specialty of our times. So when Adam Lanza committed that most inexplicable of crimes, opening fire in Sandy Hook Elementary school last year murdering twenty children and six adults (and, ultimately, killing himself), the explainers instantly began to tell us why. The 20-year-old Lanza, who had easy […]

Orders of Grief: Newtown, One Year Later

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For weeks, nobody slept. On the first night after the shootings in December, Raul Arguello lay awake in his bed in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, listening to the sirens coming from the direction of his daughters’ school. His children, thank God, were warm and breathing under his roof, but the sirens reminded him that bodies—twenty of […]

Ethical Parenting: Is There Such a Thing?

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Imagine this ­scenario: It’s a Tuesday evening and you’re just home from work, still panting from the subway ride, when you determine without doubt that your fourth-grader has lice. The teeny pale eggs, they could be dandruff, but they’re not; ugh, dozens of them, everywhere, clinging to the silky hairs, and all you can think […]

Christine Quinn Got a Raw Deal From Voters — Because She’s a Woman

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What did Christine Quinn do to deserve her lousy third-place finish Tuesday night in the New York Democratic mayoral primary? And is there any way to answer that question without pointing to her gender? Quinn was a capable candidate who spent the whole spring and summer as the all-but-anointed front-runner, enjoyed the support of much […]

The Turn-On Switch: Fetish Theory, Post-Freud

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Eliot Spitzer, who hopes to be New York City’s next comptroller, likes to screw with his socks on—calf-length black hose, the atavistic shadow of sock garters visible in the mind’s eye. That Spitzer paid for sex is not actually all that interesting. That he brought his nerdish Dudley Do-Right public persona to bed with him […]

Diagnosing Anthony Weiner: Sick or Just Plain Stupid?

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Is Anthony Weiner — as Andrew Sullivan argued this week — a healthy, red-blooded American male, with a normal desire to play digital porn star in his private time? (“Would you let me hold your hair while you gagged on my cock?” he wrote in one of the sexts most recently revealed.) Or does he […]

New York Mag Cover Story: Mariano Riveria – Pitching God

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Mariano Rivera

On the mound, God is always with Mariano Rivera, in victory and defeat. But baseball is a boys’ game, not a calling. And now, as he prepares to hang up his cleats, the greatest closer baseball has ever seen is embarking on his real mission. **** As anyone who follows baseball knows, Mariano Rivera has […]

Lisa on Morning Joe

MSNBC Morning Joe


Lisa Miller on Morning Joe

  Hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones made controversial comments regarding women on Wall Street, saying babies are a ‘killer’ to a woman’s focus. Cosmopolitan’s Joanna Coles, Alexandra Lebenthal and New York Magazine’s Lisa Miller discuss with Joe Scarborough.

The Emir’s University: Are the Students of NYU Abu Dhabi the World’s Most Pampered Undergraduates?

New York Magazine


New York Magazine, May 13, 2013

When NYU junior Jessica DeOliveira applied last year to spend time abroad at the university’s three-year-old satellite Abu Dhabi campus, she had dreams of speaking lots of Arabic, bargaining in souks, and soaking up the local culture. In reality, she has spent most of the past year, she says, holed up in a 45-story luxury […]

The Roar of Young Male Rage: An Excellent, Useless Predictor

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New York Magazine, April 29, 2013

The older one looks like some kind of loser, a boxing maniac with a love for trashy Euro style. But Dzhokhar, the younger brother, well, he seems like a sweetie pie, with those moony eyes and that fuzzy halo of hair. Robin Young, a radio personality in Boston, threw a prom party in her backyard […]

Lisa Interviewed by John Fugelsang on Viewpoint

Viewpoint on Current TV


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Lisa Miller, contributing editor for New York Magazine, joins John Fugelsang on “Viewpoint” to discuss her article “The Retro Wife.” Miller also weighs in on three high-profile women who have sparked controversy surrounding the role of women in modern society: Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and author of “Lean In,” Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, and Anne-Marie […]

Lisa on Morning Joe with host Joe Scarborough

Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough



  New York Magazine’s Lisa Miller, Cosmopolitan’s Joanna Coles and Debora Spar of Barnard College speak about Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg’s “lean in” argument, and how it differs from a new “lean out” trend seen among some women.

Press Coverage of “The Retro Wife”



This Is (and Is Not) the ‘Retro Wife’ The Atlantic Wire, Mar 21, 2013 The reactions to New York magazine’s recent “Feminist Housewife” piece by Lisa Miller should surprise no one. They are as wide and varied as are the ways in … ‘Feminist Housewife’ Writer Lisa Miller Is Trying to Make ‘Lean Out … […]